Yawkey Foundations Release 2013 Grants Report

Investing in the Future of our Community

The Trustees of the Yawkey Foundations recently released its 2013 Grants Report, listing $23 million in grants made to more than 220 organizations throughout Massachusetts, New England, and Georgetown, South Carolina in 2013. The Yawkey Foundations' ongoing support of education, health care, human services, youth athletics, arts & culture, and conservation is a testament of Tom and Jean Yawkey's generosity and longstanding commitment to inspire, heal and care for those in need.

In establishing the Yawkey Foundations, Tom and Jean Yawkey were investing in the future of the communities they called home. The Foundations will continue to support both programmatic and capital needs of organizations in order to give them the tools they need to become stronger and more sustainable for many years to come. Since 2002, the Yawkey Foundations have awarded nearly 2,700 grants totaling $335 million to organizations throughout Massachusetts, New England and Georgetown County, South Carolina.

To view a copy of the Yawkey Foundations' 2013 Grants Report, please click here.